5 Reasons Why Karate Is Important for Kids

Karate is a martial art with hand-eye coordination. This unarmed combat derives from ancient Japanese culture. Beginning as a sport, this style has morphed into so much more. There are several reasons ‌karate is important for kids as well as adults. Action Karate is a martial arts USA studio in Huntingdon Valley, PA. We have several programs for children to learn and grow. But first, what makes karate essential in your kids’ lives?

Learning Disabilities

Life is challenging for all involved when your child has a learning disability. Schoolwork and daily routines are a constant struggle. A martial arts academy USA can be your saving grace, whether it be ADHD, communication issues, or an inability to follow directions. Karate assists your child in speaking clearly, following directions, and force on tasks at hand in a fun and friendly environment. Action Karate has several children’s classes, including a summer camp.


Discipline allows your child to grow up with peace of mind and patience. Anger control and learning to handle situations are critical aspects of karate. When you sign your kid up for a martial arts academy, you will see an enormous difference in their behavior at home and in school. They will act more respectfully as well as teamwork to get things done.


Self-defense is the backbone of our safety. With all the problems in today’s world, from school to extra activities, your child should know how to protect themselves. You cannot always be there to hold their hand through difficult situations. Action Karate is a martial arts academy USA that dedicates their time to showing the importance of the why and how your children can protect themselves.

Character Development

We all want to raise leaders. Producing a solid character can guide your child through life’s difficult stages. Integrity, confidence, and a willingness to strive are vital factors in adulthood. Action Karate has several courses that revolve around character development. There are basic training classes as well as goal-originated training to reach black belt status.

Staying Fit

Staying fit within the mind and body is essential to child development. Many kids decide to take up sports as their extracurricular activities. Martial arts USA is slightly different, as children of all skill levels can participate. During summer, children have more free time but less structure. They can become stagnant or inattentive and sit around all day doing nothing. Action karate has a summer program that would be ideal for your child. They can make new friends, stay active, and learn important life skills.

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