Summer is the time for BBQs, sunshine, and pool parties. But you know what else summer leads to? Boredom, watching TV, and playing video games. After your child asks for their second breakfast, you may start feeling defeated. No worries! There is help to get them off the couch and keep them FIT! A martial arts USA summer camp is exactly what you are looking for. Action Karate in Huntingdon Valley, PA, can help your kids chop their way out of those summertime blues.
Daily Exercise

While your kids are in school, they regularly move around the school, to school, or even participate in PE classes. But once that last bell rings for the summer, it is light’s out. With work and taking care of your daily activities, finding things your kids can do to keep fit is difficult. A martial arts USA summer camp can keep them in tiptop shape while learning new skills.
Learning Teamwork

Children participating in a martial arts USA summer camp will learn lifelong skills. Being a productive member of a team will help them in school as well as when they get into the workforce. Teamwork, listening to instructors, and working well with others are all part of the karate lifestyle.
Hand-Eye Coordination

If your child is having difficulties in writing or other aspects of studying, a martial arts USA summer camp will be ideal for them. This skill in karate is essential because you can train your eyes to see things for your hand to react to. If you are slow on the intake, bad things can happen. This skill will help your child in the upcoming school year.
Dedicated Instructors

You may have a difficult time finding child care or do not want to leave them home alone. A martial arts USA summer camp can give you peace of mind, knowing your child will learn valuable tools in a safe environment.

Building Friendships

Your child will be able to make new, lifelong friends in a martial arts USA summer camp. The kids may be from the same school or a nearby school but have not met each other yet. This is a great way to build confidence and friendship-making skills. Kids are more likely to keep friends that have similar interests.

Call Action Karate at (215) 663-1005 or look at their website to sign-up for a martial arts USA summer camp. Other classes are available as well. Don’t delay. Begin your child’s karate experience today!